Who Am I?

Living passionately means living with a purpose. It means taking chances, standing up for what you believe in, fostering communities of love, being serious but not taking yourself too seriously, forging ahead when the world tells you “no”, accepting failure as a teacher and getting back up to try again.

Inspiring people to live passionately is both the purpose and mantra of at some point press & bindery. It’s the message that I strive to convey through all of my products. In fact, I believe in this so much that “live passionately” is tattooed on my right forearm as a physical reminder to put those words into action everyday.

As the daughter of a military veteran, spouse of an active duty military officer and military veteran myself, at some point press & bindery is named after the lifestyle I’ve experience. Military life is nomadic in that you are always moving every couple of years and tend to put off doing things saying, “at some point we’ll do this or we’ll have that.” With at some point press & bindery, I’m celebrating the realization of a purpose that can no longer be delayed!

This purpose shines brightly through my love of letterpress printing and bookbinding. With commercial printers and bookbinders dating back to my great grandparents in Norway, the family business came full circle in me as a graduate from the University of Alabama with a Masters in Fine Arts in letterpress printing and bookbinding.

Presently, I offer two distinct lines of artwork. One is playful and meant to appeal to all ages while the other is more mindful. Both are designed to lift the spirits the recipient.

Herman & Iris are two whimsical monsters enjoying life together. Initially, I letterpress printed and hand water colored each card. However, I recently moved them to a digital format to add more pops of color and improve my ability to keep up with demand. As Herman & Iris continue to take on a life of their own, expect this line to expand beyond cards in the near future.

The second line draws upon practice of Kundalini Yoga. Coming from the heart, these mindful, life mantras and words of inspiration are letterpress printed on 100 percent cotton paper with a splash of watercolor. As with Herman & Iris, this line is growing in new directions to encourage others to live passionately.

Finally, what is living passionately without journaling? Writing is therapeutic for the soul and helps with the practice of living passionately. As this is the core belief of at some point press & bindery, our very first partnership began 2012, with the production of hand-bound journals that aid Gold Star spouses and siblings, military spouses and care givers of wounded warriors as they go through the healing process at various retreats. Looking ahead, I’m working on ways in which I can bring this aspect of the business into the wholesale market.

My hope is this short story gives you a sense of the purpose behind at some point press and bindery and perhaps offers an unmet niche for inspiring your community of customers.

Live Passionately!