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Bitchin’ Betty, by constant companion..


I’m very fortunate to own a Vandercook SP-15, a flatbed proofing press. The “SP” stands for Simple Precision and the “15” indicates the size of the press bed. Originally designed to be a low cost precision test press, it’s very specific purpose was to produce a perfect proof of handset type that was then made into a photo-litho plate for printing large quantities. Built in the 1960’s, I’ve named my press “Bitchin’ Betty” after the voice that pilots hear, when something is not right, in the airplane. If I’ve not performed maintenance or something is not set right, Bitchin’ Betty is sure to let me know. She’s a sturdy press and able to handle most anything I put in the press bed. I’ve printed on paper, fabric and leather. Here’s a video of her at work. For much more detail about Vandercook presses, here’s a website that a friend of mine keeps.


A true one of a kind gift

Have you ever wanted to give someone a handcrafted journal or book but didn’t know where to begin? Not to worry. I’m often approached about producing special bookbinding commissions. It’s an exciting but very customer involved process, so let me take the mystery out of the equation. The first thing is a discussion as to […]


Live Boldly!

Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of last fall’s election, it was an emotionally and spiritually draining journey. I’ve been thinking, reading and talking to many friends and family members about it all. This card reflects some of the passion I’ve found since November. I think no matter what, this is the time […]


Herman & Iris are here, there and everywhere

I’ve been rather quiet on the Herman & Iris front. However, they are too cute and funny not to start reintroducing them into the monthly letter. A new friend I met the other week suggested that they start having a life of their own. I couldn’t agree more! They are now showing up daily on […]


Where’d that come from?

This months’ card came from my first few times going to my current yoga studio. My yoga instructor is a wonderful woman who brings laughter and inspiration to every class she teaches. During those particular classes, she would say, they are just thoughts, not reality. This spoke to me as I was in a place […]


Happy 2017

Looking back at 2016, I can report it was a fantastic year for the business. I became a regular vendor at Eastern Market. I did numerous holiday markets in the area, and the DC Women’s Business Center named me “Best in DC” for 2016. But most of all I got to meet all of you! […]


How to tie the journal

It seems simple enough to retie the journal, but incase you need a bit of guidance I made a video.


Holiday 2016 Markets

I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere! I do hope to see you at one of these great events. So mark your calendars and bring your phone to show me the coupon! Eastern Market is a year round market, but this holiday season they are doing fun crafts for the kids each Sunday and holiday music […]


Markets for Spring

I am so please to announce that I have been accepted as a vendor at Eastern Market starting on Easter. The plan right now is to do two weekend days a month and then possible add more days.  I will be selling Herman & Iris and Mindful cards only there. I will post a calendar […]


5 Simple Steps to keeping your Holiday’s Bright

  As we enter the holiday bustle whole-heartedly, take a step back and contemplate what is about to happen. The calendar is out, your pen at the ready. OK, there are the kids concerts, the bake sale at school, and don’t forget you are the coordinator for the holiday bazaar at church. Next, who’s coming […]